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Welcome to Waseda University! There are numerous reasons why so many students choose Waseda University

Created for prospective students who are unfamiliar with Waseda University and Japan as a whole, to see the attractive features of studying at Waseda ...

Regional information of Japan introduce of 47 Prefectures in Japan

There are 47 prefectures in Japan. Each prefecture has original culture, Wellcome to Japan !

The Easiest Way to Study Abroad Studying abroad in Japan can give you a surprisingly economical and attractive lifestyle.

Advantages of studying in Japan simplified chart We collected information on living expenses when working part-time as an overseas student, by countr...

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This is scholarship information for foreign students that can be used when studying in Japan. Below is a list of some scholarships. To inquire about...

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Column: The History of Japanese Anime Part 4 The 'Kawaii' (Cute) Culture Created by Girl Anime

In Japan, there is a genre of anime for girls that started with manga for girls. In the early years, famous examples include ""Sally the Wit...