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Created for prospective students who are unfamiliar with Waseda University and Japan as a whole, to see the attractive features of studying at Waseda in Tokyo.

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If you are thinking about studying in Japan, you should know that Waseda is a leading global university based in central Tokyo, one of the world’s most vibrant and exciting cities. You should also know that our university, which has been dedicated to providing the best academic experience since 1882, values diversity. We are number one in Japan for study abroad, with the most number of international students for seven years in a row! We currently have over 5000 from 100 countries.

Waseda University offers 50 English-based degree programs at 7 undergraduate and 12 graduate schools, where all classes are conducted in English. Students who like Japan but are not proficient in Japanese are able to study various major subjects while learning Japanese at the same time.

For more about Waseda’s English-based programs, please see following website.


There are numerous reasons why so many students choose Waseda, which you can find out from the interviews below as well as the Why Waseda? site and accompanying video.

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