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Medical Insurance and Property and Casualty Insurance

For your safety, you need to enroll in the National Health Insurance.
With property and casualty insurance, you’re covered when you need it.

Illnesses and injuries create unnecessary stress during your study abroad. Foreigners residing in Japan for more then three months must enroll in the National Health Insurance. No matter the injury or illness, insurance pays 70% of the cost, and the remaining 30% is the responsibility of the patient. However, medical issues falling outside of the scope of insurance are entirely self-paid. Although monthly premiums vary depending on income and municipality, the standard is roughly 20,000 yen per year. To enroll, please contact the officer in charge of National Health Insurance in the municipality you plan on living in in Japan.
Additionally, to cover injuries and accidents not covered by National Health Insurance, as well as damage to third parties and property, there is the option of injury insurance and personal liability insurance. To enroll, please contact your school or an insurance agency specializing in insurance for foreigners.

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