Necessary steps for foreign students to study in Japan

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Find purpose of studying in Japan and schools that suit for your purpose. Prepare for money (tuition fees)

Consultation at local office about studying overseas

1 year before

Study Japanese

Study Japanese in own country
  • ・Learn Japanese at school in own country up to level N5
  • ・Proof of having learned Japanese for 180 hours
  • ・Japanese-Language Proficiency Test
  • ・Obtain qualification equivalent to Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) level N5

Decide to study Japan

・Individual local interview

Select school

・receive a letter of acceptance

4 months before

Fill in and submit study application and immigration documents

Documents needed for studying in Japan
  • 1. Expenses related documents
    • ① Bank balance statement (tuition fees + living expenses)
    • ② Certificate of employment of supporter
  • 2. Education records in own country
    • ③ Final education record (high school and above), graduation certificate(s), transcript(s)
    • ④ Certificate of hours of Japanese study (180 hours)
    • ⑤ Japanese-Language Proficiency Test result, N5 or higher
  • 3. Family related documents
    • ⑥ Certification of applicant’s family

*Documents to be submitted may vary depending on the student’s country.

Study in Japan

Japanese language school entry period
April entry/July entry Oct entry/Jan entry