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The maximum amount of part-time work allowed is 28 hours per week.
The maximum income is approximately ¥33,600 per week.

76% of overseas students in Japan have a part-time job. (2009 JASSO survey) Many work in restaurants. There are differences between regions; however, wages at restaurants are between ¥800 and ¥1,200 per hour, so by working the maximum 28 hours, you will be able to earn from ¥22,400 to ¥33,600 per week.
In order to work part time, you must have authority from your school, as well as permission from your local immigration authority, to engage in activities outside of the status of your visa. Please be aware that working without first receiving authorization, or being in violation of any of the following conditions, may result in penalties or deportation.

1) The work should not get in the way of your studies.
2) The work should be for study abroad expenses, and not for savings or income to send home.
3) The work shall not be in the sex industry.
4) The work shall be within the range of the following working hours.

When looking for a part time job, please consult with the Student Affairs Section at the school you’re enrolled in, or visit an employment agency, many of which are located throughout the country. Please take care that your work does not damage your health.

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