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Getting Ready for Studying in Japan

A study plan is a change your life plan. Your experience will depend on your objectives.

100+1 Students #004 Hoang Roan Vi x JAPAN

In recent years, the Vietnamese automobile market has been chosen as part of Vietnam’s domestic industrialization strategy and is expected to provide ...

100+1 Students #003 Van Thi Thanh x JAPAN

"Since I was a child, I used to watch the anime Doraemon on TV and naturally became interested in Japanese culture, anime, fashion, and so on. Fr...

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Student Residence

You will have to find somewhere to stay to match your needs. Around 77% of students stay in apartments or share houses.

100+1 Students #002 Febriano x JAPAN

Speaking of Japanese culture that attracts the world’s attention, first and foremost come anime. Recently, Japanese TV dramas, music and so on seem to...

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Medical Insurance and Property and Casualty Insurance

For your safety, you need to enroll in the National Health Insurance. With property and casualty insurance, you’re covered when you need it.

100+1 Students #001 Laura × JAPAN

As a result of rapid economic and population growth, Indonesia has recently become an important trading partner for Japan. the number of domestic comp...

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Who to Contact When You Have Problems

Who can you rely on to help you in Japan? If you have a guarantor, you have peace of mind.