100+1 Students #005 Liu Gei Qiu x JAPAN

Liu Gei Qiu was originally engaged in timber related work in China. What triggered her desire to study in Japan was her experience of living in Osaka ...

Column: The History of Japanese Anime Part 2 TV broadcast launch of Astro Boy, a huge hit with an average audience share of more than 30%

The work that created the now common "30-minute weekly broadcast" style of TV animation series was the Osamu Tezuka production Astro Boy. ...

Column: The History of Japanese Anime Prolog From Japanese cartoon films to global anime

 The Cool Japan strategy of spreading Japanese culture around the world, from animation and comics to games, music and fashion, has resulted in Japane...

Column: The History of Japanese Anime Part 1 Manga, anime and Osamu Tezuka

 To understand the history of Japanese anime, we need to take a brief look at Japan during its period of high economic growth. This began at the end o...

YSJ recommendation University ① Ritsumeikan University

Human Development to Collaborate Across Cultures and Contribute Globally to Asian Communities Ritsumeikan University has rich history and tradition...

Welcome to Waseda! Created for prospective students who are unfamiliar with Waseda University and Japan as a whole, to see the attractive features of studying at Waseda in Tokyo.

Waseda University proudly present 'Waseda University Indonesia facebook page'. Hope to see you there, guys! {Click Waseda Indonesia FB page...

Useful Information
Finding employment in Japan

Employment of foreign students in Japan is rising Gather enough information before job hunting

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Information on halal food and mosques

Halal food on the increase About 80 mosques and musallas dotted around Japan

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Part-time Job

The maximum amount of part-time work allowed is 28 hours per week. The maximum income is approximately ¥33,600 per week.

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Prices in Japan [Living Expenses & School Fees]

Many overseas students are thinking about the cost of living in Japan. How much should you expect to pay for studying in Japan?