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Since our start as a school for training automotive mechanics in 1969, we have grown into a comprehensive institute with 4 campuses conveniently located in Tokyo offering 16 courses of study. In 2014, we received the "Practical Vocational Specialist Training Curriculum" certification from the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. We have also accepted international students since 1975 and have a long history of providing successful guidance and instruction.

4-2-3 Higashi-nakano, Nakano-ku, TOKYO 164-8787, Japan
Nearest station
Higashi-nakano station, JR Chuo/Sobu Line
Overseas study:
Admission requirements
Applicants have completed normal 12-years of formal education or the equivalent.
Applicants have Japanese ability
Selection method
Document review, interview (oral assessment), written assessment (Japanese, aptitude)
Main home countries of registered international students
China, Korea, Taiwan, Macao, Mongolia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Bangladeshi, Nepal, Sli Lanka, Italy, Morocco, Cameroon, Brazil 128 students
Student quota

Name of program, major and course


Name of major/program Name of course/major/specialty Tuition fees
(Total up to graduation)
Automotive Service and Maintenance 1st Class (4-year course) 4,460,000
Advanced Automotive Engineering 1st Class (4-year course) 4,460,000
Automotive Engine Maintenance (2-year course) 2,370,000
Automotive Service and Maintenance (2-year course) 2,370,000
Mercedes-Benz Course (2-year course) 2,370,000
Harley-Davidson Course (2-year course) 2,370,000
Car Concierge Course (2-year course) 2,370,000
Architectural Director (4-year course) 4,300,000
Architecture (2-year course) 2,250,000
Interior Architecture (2-year course) 2,250,000
Game Programming (2-year course) 2,310,000
Data Processing (2-year course) 2,310,000
Web Visual Creator (2-year course) 2,310,000
Environmental Technology (2-year course) 2,330,000
Biotechnology (2-year course) 2,330,000
Name of major/program Automobile/Engine/Motorcycle Architecture/Interior Game/IT/Web Environment/Biotechnology
Name of course/major/specialty Automotive Service and Maintenance 1st Class (4-year course) Advanced Automotive Engineering 1st Class (4-year course) Automotive Engine Maintenance (2-year course) Automotive Service and Maintenance (2-year course) Mercedes-Benz Course (2-year course) Harley-Davidson Course (2-year course) Car Concierge Course (2-year course) Architectural Director (4-year course) Architecture (2-year course) Interior Architecture (2-year course) Game Programming (2-year course) Data Processing (2-year course) Web Visual Creator (2-year course) Environmental Technology (2-year course) Biotechnology (2-year course)
Tuition fees
(Total up to graduation)
4,460,000 4,460,000 2,370,000 2,370,000 2,370,000 2,370,000 2,370,000 4,300,000 2,250,000 2,250,000 2,310,000 2,310,000 2,310,000 2,330,000 2,330,000
Features of vocational school

4 campuses conveniently located in Tokyo

The students have the chance to get the job in famous Japanese companies after studying in the practical curriculum collaborated with industrial companies. Over 100 companies in Koyama Institute Supporter's Association support the students.

We also offer opportunities while in school to experience 'F4', 'Super GT', and 'various competitions and exhibitions'.

Employment support

Employment support program

Major employment results
Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Harley-Davidson, Taisei, Shimizu, Maeda, Sega, Bandai Namco, Konami, Yahoo, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Daikin, Teijin
Enrollment period
Tuesday, September 1, 2015 ~ Tuesday, February 16, 2016
Scholarship availability

Koyama Institute offers its own various scholarships

Student housing

Student Accommodation Support Program

Student housing costs
From 58,400 yen
Halal meal availability
Place of worship availability
Part time work support
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