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How to apply for "newspaper scholarship system"

I found this in your post about scholarship information 
The “newspaper scholarship system” run by newspaper companies provides scholarships that cover all international student costs. This is a system of attending classes while performing work such as morning and evening newspaper deliveries. It is said to give students an advantage later on when job hunting. As well as having all university fees paid from enrollment to graduation, students also receive an allowance and free lodging, which alleviates the insecurity of daily life. So long as students graduate, they have to pay back nothing, or perhaps just a little. If they leave university without graduating, they must pay back any scholarship money they have already received. For more details, see Newspaper Scholarship Student News.
How to apply for this scholarship? I need for my living expenses as i will be studying japanese in Tokyo for 2 years.
Have checked the website at http://shinbun.hitorigurasi.net/system, but barely understand as my japanese is still bad.
Thank you.

  • Pada umumnya, untuk mendaftar newspaper scholarship, harus meminta guideline dan pamphletnya melalui website masing-masing perusahaan koran. Lalu, setelah itu mengikuti briefingnya, dan apabila bersedia mendaftar, kirim saja berkas pendaftarannya (ada di dalam guideline yang telah didapat sebelumnya). Bagi yang mendapatkan beasiswa ini, diwajibkan bekerja sebagai pengantar koran. Tiap pagi sekitar jam 2, 3 pagi ~ 6 pagi dan tiap sore sekitar jam 3~6 sore adalah jam kerja wajibnya. It sounds tough but I'm sure it'll give you many great experiences. Good luck!

  • Laura Lesmana

    2015/03/25 16:45

    Newspaper scholarship system?? I read the website and it says each newspaper company has different system. Application method and condition might be different so better to ask the company directly or attend to the briefing session.